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    Breaking Boundaries

    Your journey towards work readiness and professional success!

    A fulfilling career has the power to give one a sense of purpose, satisfaction and longevity. When we find a career that brings us joy and fulfilment, it not only benefits us but also those around us, including our global society.


    The Phoenix Link Program aims to address the following challenges encountered by school leavers and young professionals: restricted employment opportunities, disparities in education between urban and rural regions affecting the employability of graduates, mismatches in skills leading to unemployment or underemployment, economic instability influencing job creation and market stability, dominance of the informal sector offering precarious employment prospects, and restricted access to professional networks impacting their job search, and discrimination based on race, gender, and socioeconomic status complicating the hiring process.


     The Phoenix Link Program (“PLP”) has been designed to continuously invest in and develop the next generation, much like the mythical Phoenix that rises and rejuvenates itself. The program is aimed learners and young professionals aged between 18-35 years with the opportunity to discover their passion and link those professional streams back to their natural strengths and talents. The duration of the PLP program is a six-week work readiness training program with a 10-month work exposure program.

    In addition to our academic program, PLP provides a myriad of work and/or business-related exposures aimed at enhancing and energising the passion of our learners as they seek clarity on what their next educational steps.

    Our Vision and Mission

    Creating a movement

    We truly believe that our approach allows our future leaders an opportunity to become the best versions of themselves with a global impact.
    Our Vision
    We aspire to enhance overall service delivery by fostering a sense of passion among those employed or engaged in business, ensuring that their contributions to society are driven by enthusiasm. Our goal is to establish a platform for local networking and idea-sharing, ultimately boosting the economy in South Africa.
    Our Mission

    Our mission is to empower the youth with the necessary skills and tools to make the right career decisions, stir up their passion and ultimately match them with the correct tertiary program which will ensure the best possible study outcomes ahead of them charging into the world of work and business.

    Why enrol in our PLP?

    We create a space for you to find your passion

    Mentorship and more

    • PLP is a comprehensive 6-week work readiness training with a 10-month work exposure.
    • Participants in PLP receive a financial kickstart, empowering learners and young professionals with the skills needed to pursue their goals.
    • The program includes mentorship opportunities, offering valuable guidance and support to enhance the overall learning and growth experience.

    Our focus is on the learners being mentored; this is done with various initiative such as access to life coaching and masterclasses by various industry experts and skilled partners.

    For parents it ensures a safe environment where their child can develop life skills, learn through practical hands-on situations and grow after graduating from high school ahead of enrolling on a tertiary program abroad.


    Valuable Life Skills

    • Skills Development: communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, and technical skills specific to their industry.
    • Increased Employability: equipping participants with relevant skills and knowledge, this program will enhance their employability, making them more attractive candidates to potential employers.
    • Job Placement Assistance: helping participants find employment opportunities that match their skills and interests.
    • Networking Opportunities: opportunity to expand their professional networks by connecting with employers, industry professionals, and fellow participants, which can lead to job referrals and other career opportunities.
    • Confidence Building: build confidence in their abilities, allowing them to present themselves effectively in job interviews and other professional settings.
    • Financial Literacy: teaching participants essential skills such as budgeting, saving, and managing debt, which are crucial for financial stability and success in the workforce.
    • Community Engagement: partnerships with local businesses, community organisations, and government agencies, fostering collaboration and engagement within the community to address workforce development needs.




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