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    Program Overview

    To address this issue, The Phoenix Link Program has been designed to continuously invest in and develop the next generation, much like the mythical Phoenix that rises and rejuvenates itself.






    In collaboration with Regal Training Solutions, NuDebt and MAD Academy, our program is dedicated to cultivating foundational skills and knowledge in critical learning areas. Additionally, we are committed to guiding students on a journey of self-discovery, helping them unveil their unique destinies and nurturing a passion for their chosen careers.

    Our program includes carefully selected modules that aim to inspire students to reflect, think critically, and investigate various career paths that excite and motivate them. By providing access to new possibilities and igniting enthusiasm for learning, we strive to in as far as possible help each student accelerate their decision-making process and confidently pursue a fulfilling career path.

    Program Outcomes

    What Will You Achieve?

    #Outcome 1
    #Outcome 1

    Holistic Skill Development

    • Participants gain essential life skills through engagement in real-life situations
    • The program facilitates hands-on learning, allowing participants to practically apply and enhance their knowledge

    #Outcome 2
    #Outcome 2

    Post-Graduation Success

    • A focus on post-graduation growth equips students with a diverse skill set for success in various aspects of life
    • The safe work environment and mentorship provided contribute to a supportive transition for school leavers from high school to the professional world

    #Outcome 3
    #Outcome 3

    Financial Empowerment

    • Fully-funded education ensures that students face no financial barriers
    • Earning a stipend while gaining practical work experience not only supports students financially but also enhances the overall educational experience

    #Outcome 4
    #Outcome 4

    Professional Advancement

    • A supportive environment fosters creativity and innovation among participants
    • On-the-job coaching, mentorship programs, and exposure to corporate departments pave the way for networking opportunities and informed career choices, setting the stage for potential permanent placement opportunities



    Minimum requirements to apply for the program.

    • School leaver certificate with an overall 50% pass rate
    • Proficiency in English (reading and writing)
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Online Interview
    • Aged 18-35 years old

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    We offer

    • Tuition-Free Education: Enrolled students enjoy education without incurring tuition
    • Stipend opportunities: Participants earn stipends while gaining practical work experience
    • Creativity and Innovation: Fostered among participants for a dynamic learning environment
    • Career Success: Learners are well-positioned for continued success in their chosen fields of work

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